martes, 6 de febrero de 2007

No more blackbeans*

So the big news today: shortage of "caraotas" (black beans). The "caraotas" are a main part of any Venezuelan diet, something a lunch or a dinner must contain along with the plantain... Is not the fact that there is a shortage of "caraotas", is that we are starting to get used to this way of life. Right now you are lucky if you go to some supermarket and find something as basic as "caraotas" and sugar. We actually started to like brown sugar at home but sometimes it's a trouble because it doesn’t taste good with some things. Other days it’s about power milk or some brands of some products we like.

*Modified from its original version, that it was titled "Venezuelan sweets with brown sugar"
**Don't click on the "Click here to read the rest" link, there is no rest

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  1. Hello there fellow Venezuelan.
    Im read Venezuela-related blogs and i found yours yesterday. Im trying to read yours from the beggining,so it'll take some time. Glad to be reading a blog from somebody thats around my age, most bloggers are much older,im 22.I'm a maracucho and well,thats my introduction. I have a blog too but its barely 3 entries.Trying to update it but im not much of a writer. the link is and well,hope to see an update here soon. Chao!

  2. Hello Juan. Well one of the reasons I started blogging was because I did not found anyone my age doing it. I'll update this blog soon so keep in touch.

    You will see that in these first entries my English is very very rough. I use this blog as a learning tool so that explains... Also, you won't find any comments in the first entries... This is because one day, a few years ago, and out of pure paranoia, I erased the whole blog. Then I regretted my decision and had to republish entry by entry on their original dates; that's how I restarted the blog, but unfortunately, comments were lost forever...

    Thanks for reading, I'll be expecting your feedback


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