domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

A great place to start

Think about the happiest day of your life, the day were you felt that you could breeze a little and you won't be even close to tell how I feel as I quickly write this lines. I couldn't believe it, I prepare myself for the worse specially after reading on Reuters a possible YES to the reform victory (now I want to read what Reuters has to say at this moment). All kinds of rumors flew during the night, the YES won, the NO won, one block won... the other didn't...and as the final first announcement of the Electoral Centre approach; the rumors that were talking about a possible "NO" victory were stronger. Then the announcement came, I could not even hear it.

At this point I don't know how many votes we had, all I know is that the NO won because fireworks, horns etc etc started sounding. My mom screamed and asked my dad and I to go out with her to celebrate, I was talking on the cell phone to a dear friend of mine and we were not saying a thing... just crying like babies. So I left, all the way down to Altamira square to celebrate carrying only my cell phone and totally forgot about my ID and what’s even worse given the circumstances... my cam! I was so happy that I forgot to bring my cam so I'm sorry folks, I don't have any pictures of the event.
We got there and we hug more people than those "Free Hugs campaign", a lot of strangers a little bit drunk... was kind of weird, professors, friends, family...I danced "tambores" (even counting that... I don't know how) in the middle of the street while all the people were screaming "estudiantes!!!" (students!!!) and they were not all students - that’s for sure.
This is the first time ever that we defeat Chavismo. Daniel said he does not believe in the actual Constitution and I'm agree with him... it does have a lot of mistakes but we stopped the posibility of making it even more filled with mistakes, we set a path today. Miguel on the other hand is singing The Beatles. Yep, the Venezuelan can be a little bit crazy sometimes...
Tomorrow the struggle continues and today this blogger allows herself to smile.

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