domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008

Nothing to lose (updates on today's elections)

Yesterday, I said that today' regional elections are actually small consesions for the citizens of Venezuela that saw their political rights denied weeks before the actual elections. As I prepare myself for going to my voting center I find myself feeling optimist. Despite what the CNE might do or the government or wathever there's a fact that can't be denied: the opposition has nothing to lose on this elections.

We have only a couple of states and a few mayors at the must. The Revolution on the other hand concentrates its power across the country, virtually almost all the regional and local offices are in hands of a member from the Chavez party or in hands of a now "traitor" (a once Chavez supporter that made one slight criticism and at the next second he was called that way by the president and expelled off the party, there's many cases like those).

So, since we have nothing, any small state, any small local office that pass to our hands will be a victory. A small consesion, but still a victory. And that small victory would mean nothing but a defeat to the Revolution that always expect to have the entire country on its hands. Maybe this elections can become a small proof that this Revolution cannot be absolute even if its the majority, cannot be the only political project of Venezuela.

I haven't vote yet. Must of my family already did and they told me the process could be a little bit complicated. We live with our grandmother and can't leave her alone so we take turns for going to vote. I'm waiting for mine and will update this blog as soon as I vote.

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