domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008

The tiny one (Updated with some results!!)

This picture proves that I actually voted. It was quick and painless: was just about pressing a few bottoms and then end up with that finger painted with that nasty purple ink that will stay with me for a couple of days... nice...

I have looked election after election that finger and can't help but thinking on how akward this practice of marking us like cows is. But the purple mark has become a certain symbol of prestige, and those who don't have that finger painted tomorrow will recieve killer looks from others. Same as the ring proof you are engaged or married, this purple fingers proof I'm a citizen; or at least I try to.

Some students groups of my university make out of this finger issue, a slogan for calling people to vote. "Mójate el chiquito" - "Wet the little one" - said the slogan in that fun and irrevent and obviously second sense way.

Well, in the meantime I'm waiting for the results and trying to not listen to many rumors circulating, they say that someone won this and someone won that... at the end mostly are only rumors. I will update this blog as soon as I got official results. But that's probably not going to happen till very late at night... the Electoral Center never let us sleep on days like this.

UPDATE!! The CNE finally (at 12:00 am) gave the first result. We are still waiting for the results of three states. The opposition won at only three states so far: Zulia, Miranda (mine) and Nueva Esparta. If you do the math that means that at least 16 states remain in the hands of Chavez' party. I don't know what to do with those results, if to cry, if not, if to trust them or not. I think I need to sleep now, knowing that even counting that seems like I still live in a Chavista (pro-Chavez) country, at least I don't live in a Chavista state, that's for sure. But the winner of Miranda is Capriles Radonsky, not exactly the guy I wanted even if he's from the opposition. The one I wanted was Mendoza and his political rights for running were denied by the general attorney. So thats how our "democracy" works. I just need to sleep right now and will come tomorrow with more clean thoughts.

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