miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

About Ledezma and his hunger strike

In Venezuela (or when its about Chavez' Venezuela), to demand some respect for your most basic rights and to caught a bit of the -hypocrite- international community, you must lead a hunger strike for six days and end up like the picture on the right. If you do not believe me, ask Ledezma: Caracas' major, choosen by his voters in a democratic process but with the bad luck of belonging to an opposition party. To be a major from an opposition party has a very high cost: the president can take you off some of your competences and even invent a new charge and name a person to rule the city that pick you up in the first place, over you.
PS: The picture was taken from this page. No copyright infringenment intended.
PS 2: Do not click at the "click here to read the rest" because there is no rest

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  1. Do you exactly know who Ledezma really is and his role during El Caracazo? You know i may not be a Venezuelan but i have a master degree and i worked on Chavez and Venezuelan politics. During Caracazo, unofficially, nearly 3000 people were killed and they were screaming this: "Ledezma motherf*cker, people die of hunger", I saw it from a video. And you believe him? You know i dont want to accuse you but i think you should be thankful for a president like Chavez, yes maybe his social reforms were unsuccessful but he tried, and that's something right? Until his presidency common people never saw a dime from PDVSA, but now Chavez tries right? I dont know, i live in Turkiye and I would give everything for a president like Chavez.


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