miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Just like us

In the news this week: another student killed. On Monday night, he was driving throughout a highway with his girlfriend. Another car made signs asking him to stop his vehicle and to give it up. He refused and tried to run away. The thieves simply shot directly to his head, killing him instantly and then run away, without the car they wanted to steal but leaving a clear sign: is either the car, or your life, or maybe both. I did not know the victim, neither his girlfriend but when you read such things on the news, you tend to feel their lives closer to you than what they already are.

My boyfriend and I have taken on his car the same route this poor guy took and at the same time. So on Monday night it was them, it was a guy with perhaps a promising future (the news said he was in its fourth year of medical school), it was a girl who was a witness of a terrible crime and lost the love of her life at the same time, it was a father – also a doctor – who lost his son. And it was all of us, who lost a bit more of that feeling of being safe. The fear inside all of us grows with that stories we hear, in the news or in our daily talks, of tragedy lost of people we knew or of people we never knew; but they were just like us.

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  1. Hola Julia,

    Hay un error de dedo? en el post:

    The thieves simply shut directly to his head,

    shut -> shot.


  2. Uy,,,, sí, error de "dedo" gracias! ya lo voy a cambiar!


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