jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Ice Cubes

My cousin who married a couple of years ago its dennied to have children until this government changes. The whole family thinks her decision is quite riddiculous and non sense but she just doesn't think this is a fair place to bring any new life.

Another friend has refused to buy any property and he criticizes everyone who do so - "Why are you going to buy an appartment here, if the government can take it away from you?" - He claims although none of his friends have lost their apparments but its also true that one had a trouble with a land. He will pay a rent until this government ends, and only by then, he will consider of buying something on its own.

My grandmother just died and the next natural step is to sell the big house since no one lives in it anymore. But we have been warn that no one is buying big houses like those now for the price they worth. We would have to sell it at a much smaller price. But even if we do manage to sell it, an uncle claimed "What for?" - The money earned with the sell would be split between many families and it will be a lot of money for keeping it in a bank account (having more than 30.000 Bolívares in a bank account is very risky nowadays, since the government is taking over many banks and doesn't return more than 30.000 to the former customers. If you had more than that, you will never see that money again) but not enough for buying any good such as an apparment or a car. Like I have also explained on many entries before, we Venezuelans are also unable to change our money to foreign currency and to take it to a less risky country. So we are coming close to decide not to sale the house until this government changes.

Many people are leaving the country. Specially from my generation. I have four close friends abroad already and a fifth one is leaving the country in September. I'm not counting my boyfriend' friends abroad whom are also many, and all the high school and university acquantainces, plus relatives. As a result you have many broken families and many "grandparents in a box": grandparents who only see their grandchildren via a computer screen, thanks to Skype and Web Cams. Those grandparents in a box are stucked to a promise their children once made to them: they promise they will come back as soon as "the conditions allow it". Meaning, until this government changes.

So I live in a frozen society. In a society fillled with broken expectations and delayed plans attached to impossible events. In a society that does not blink, does not move, does not do anything to improve because it sees every initiative being stopped by the Revolution. And this society has made no mistake on thinking that, because the Revolution can stop every initiative and in the road, creates a fear enough to stop even, ilussions. Once a society has no ilussions, has seen itself unable to do so; I don't think there is much left. We are nothing without dreams. And dreams postponed and subjected to impossible conditions are not dreams at all. Those are only ice cubes. Ice cubes freezing us all.

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  1. I see people complaining, the question still is what does it mean the current situation is not longer acceptable. One question should be fairly given in relation to your administration/government: Is it just a lack in consumption (which is recruited on deficits in foreign trade) or do we really talk about shortcomings of society, limited freedom of expression, possibly violence, etc. means restrictions in real life. Could it be that the relative prosperity of the society (easily visible in your power consumption) is now far greater than this can be operated by the Internal Market and Trade Economics? That sounds like a mixture formed from a rapidly developing society and to the resulting new requirements. Spend us in the next entries with a picture of life, may then we can judge ourselve.
    At the end of a tunnel is often a light, then it gets warmer .... Your blog is great.
    Best regards Th.

  2. Brunnets. Thanks for reading.

    The answer to your question - What does it mean that this situation is no longer acceptable? Where do we put the line? - probably, as you stated, requires more than an entry. But I have already give you many clues that could give you the answer you are looking for, and the picture of life you are asking me. For example. On violence my limit was probably drawn when I wrote an entry called "Four" in January. In February I wrote "I live in a war" describing non acceptable conditions. "Light Switch" written also in January also marked a limit. About free speech, I wrote in March "Its enough", drawing my limit on that subject.

    But, the lack of consumption given by limits on foreign trade might sound silly but it makes life so much harder, and for me it is a trouble as severe as violence or free speech. It is not just about lack of consumption, its about freedom, about limitations to do what you want with your life. Imagine that you can't decide how much you are going to spend in your trip, or that you can't take a plane in an emergency from one day to another because you won't have money for it. It probably sounds silly, until you experience it. Try imagining that.

    Is not about lack of consumption. Its about prohibition of consumption. And that, is a restriction in real life.

    Expect upcoming entries, were I will explain this better


  3. Hi Julia,
    sorry if I hurt you in your dignity, but sometimes the questioning of the whole anger is quite reasonable. Usually it's better then to start as someone who knows nothings. The bad thing is : History repeats itself. May you should have a view on that page :
    That's not my personal point of view, but the article shows the other side of the coin. Deep in my hearth (some members of my family didn't changed their home till now and I respect that ...) I can feel, what's the message of that article, even I have a slightly different picture on it. Personal wellness is also associated with an objective view on a reachable situation. If you can handle problems in your world, you will find the same skill around that world, but never forget : No one will give you somethings and remember : Education is the vital key ....
    The decision should come by hearth ..., I expect there should somethings come ....
    Best regards Th.

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