martes, 18 de mayo de 2010


I haven't post in a while and I think you deserve not only an explanation but also an apology. So here it goes: I'm going to take my GRE next month and it isn't easy to combine work with all the study that the GRE requires. If you have ever tried to go to grad school you know how time consuming GRE' studies can be. Considering that my English is far from being perfect and my math is very poor, multiply that by a million. I'm learning loads of English words which I know I will never use again (I doubt someone still alive actually uses them), I have learned that a few words in this language actually have accents, that there are words with more than three different meanings and I should memorize them all If I want to exceed the minimum score and so on. I also discovered that I'm not so good interpreting stats as I thought I was. And that I don't know a thing about geometry. Shame on me... So, right now, my limited free time is devoted to all that (how exciting!). The rest, to whine and complain (like I'm doing here) to my boyfriend about how frustrating GRE can be. So that's why you haven't see any new posts. So, wish me luck; I promise to be back when this its over (by the end of June, or first days of July) and I hope to find you all here.