sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Everlasting power

Usually, I wake up at 6:00 am. At 6:30, I'm standing at the bus stop. Around 8:00, I'm at the office. I have a degree and a relatively well paid job. I have a boyfriend and a few friends. I have a couple of dreams. I look myself in the mirror. I'm 26 years old. I do not longer think about "What am I going to do when I grow up?..." - Seems like I already did. Wherever I look, I'm an adult.

I have a very girly face, but if you look in my eyes you will found out that some years have already passed by. I have lived a lot and yet so little. I thought by now I would had everything figured out. But I haven't. And the future sometimes looks a bit dark. A lot uncertain.

I went to the university. I signed up in a political party. I also partied. I got involved on more issues that I was able to handle. I failed a stats course. Once. I fell in love. Twice. I was heartbroken, at least three times. I attended a few demonstrations. I dated someone I did not like. Once. Twice. I ran while tear gas bombs were being dropped. Once. Twice. More than that. I kissed a stranger. Once. Twice. Won't say if it was more than that. I started teaching. I fell in love again, now for the last time. I started attending my friend's weddings. I said good bye to many of them. I learned English. I buried someone I loved. Once. Twice. More than that. I started writing. I blogged. Losed count how many times I have done that. I dyed my hair. Only once, thank God. I saw Chavez' speaking on TV. Every day. My sister god married. once. She had kids. Twice. We moved. Three times. I traveled abroad. Once. I played the piano. I said I love you, feeling it for real. Once.

I woke up at 6:00. At 6:30, the school bus picked me up. I arrived at school at 7. I had a math exam which I failed. Then I explored a cow' heart at biology' lab. Alicia was dating the boy I liked. Trouble was, he wasn't quite aware of my existence. I liked Backstreet Boys (I know, shame of me!) but my favorite song was Offspring "Why don't you get a job?" but I didn't knew the lyrics' meaning. I went to the "15 años" of an older girl. I whore a yellow dress my mom made me. I did not danced much. A boy tried to ask me out. I thought he was joking and I ran away. I was 14.

12 years. One Revolution. 12 years to learn about the odd similarities that proposed changes have with destruction. Yet, I feel nothing has changed and perhaps that is the biggest trouble.

One lifetime. One president. One girl eager to see progress, hopes and smiles.

Some people are out there celebrating. I am not. Power shouldn't be a reason to celebrate. Power should be used cautiously and for a limited amount of time. Otherwise, the damage it causes can be overwhelming.

But here, for almost half of my life; power seems everlasting.

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  1. Well, I have had the same thoughts lotsa times...

    I finished elementary school and Chavez was president.

    I finished high school, and chavez was president.

    Ive just finished college (Mech Eng) and Chavez is still the president...

    Probably, Ill find a job outside Venezuela and Chavez will still be president. (I just hope that is because I got that job really soon and not because he stays in power a lot more time :p)

    Presidents shouldnt be in power for that long, no matter what reasons defend that argument. It's just simply astonishing that several generations have grown with the same man in power...

    Venezuela should have a presidential period of 4-5 years with non-consecutive reelections and a maximum of 2 presidencies to prevent that but, oh well, there are lots of problems much more serious that that right now and in the near future (i.e. sanitary pads for you, pañalitis cream for me :p, its hard to find and it costs like the n-th>1 power of gold...)

  2. Once this is over, we should start thinking about having presidential periods no longer than 5 years and no consecutive reelection like it used to be...

    Thanks for commenting and good luck with your job search abroad!


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