martes, 5 de marzo de 2013


Chavez died today – according to the government, many claimed he died before and we might never know the truth. I know I must address this in my blog but I do not know how. I do not know what to feel, what to say or rather, what should I feel and what should I say. I am afraid, there is no coincidence between political correctness and my real feelings at this moment.

When I heard the news, these past fourteen years passed by me in an instant. My adolescence, my youth, all that fear, all that disappointment, all those street demonstrations, all those stories, all those lives that were lost in the way not by cancer but by the sound of a trigger. I wrote to my friends, to all those people who accompanied me during all those years when everything was about Chavez. All those people with frustrated dreams and hopes. Everyone who saw in this fourteen years a definite ruin of what we once called home. Pain, that is Hugo Chavez legacy. 

I felt sad for not being there in a moment like this. I was there at the beginning and I should have been there at the end. Instead, I am in the middle of a snow storm while all my relatives are text messaging each other to make sure everyone is safe at home. Many are now trapped in the chaotic Caracas’ traffic. Many Chavez followers are rightfully grieving their lost. But many others instead have chosen to get involved in violent street acts. A friend of mine had just arrived home walking, another was assaulted. Chaos, violence and division, that is Hugo Chavez legacy.

I think this is an appropriate moment to discontinue Chavez legacy. First, respect the mourn those who had a deep emotional connection with Chavez. I hope his leader rest in peace. He faced a long and painful desease and no matter what he did, no one deserves to suffer that much. But I also hope, that many others can also find the peace that this regime took away from them. I am talking about political prisoners, exiled, and the families of those who lost their lives. Everyone here needs peace, so we can move forward. 

Peace. It is such a corny word, a beauty contest' favorite. It is also a need, a strong desire many Venezuelans now have in their hearts. I wonder if we are ever going to achieve it or if the Revolution inflicted such profound wounds that now cannot be healed. 

PS: These are my thoughts moments after hearing the news. I hope I can come with a better testimony later. Do not click on "Click here to read the rest". There is not rest, for now.